Evolution Media Group: get to know our company!

Evolution Media Group publishes eight magazines for the out of home hospitality and food sectors and one free consumer magazine.
Our magazines for the out of home hospitality and food sectors have one thing in common: they are professional magazines, also called B-to-B magazines. We divide them into two large groups: food and horeca (restaurants, catering, friture & snack bars, hotels and pubs). The food magazines include Brood & Banket/Pain & Pâtisserie , Food & Meat, Food Industry.
The supports in the horeca are the following titles: Restaurant Business, Catering, Café & Bistro and Hotel Business and Frituur & Snack (www.horecaplatform.be).
And the last magazine is BIoGezond, a free consumer magazine about health & organic food.


Evolution Media Group also manages numerous websites: www.horecaplatform, www.foodandmeat.be, www.broodenbanket.be/www.painetpatisserie.be, www.foodindustry.be, www.hotelbusiness.be en www.biogezond.be


An independent team of journalists and free lance photographers bring current information, professional news, branch specific stories, etc., which is very focused on the particular target groups (restaurant owners, kitchen chefs, café-operators, owners of friturs & snackbars, hoteliers) within the horeca sector, the professionals of bakers and butchers and the technical engineers and managers within the food sector.

The most recent market research carried out by AQRate of the B2BPress group reveals that small independent entrepreneurs – who are the most important target group for the trade journals of our publishing house – read trade journals en masse according to their sector: it is the most important source of information for professionals with 58% of regular readers. Trade journals are therefore greedily read by professionals. Business journals are read less, with only 29% of regular readers.

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