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Bread & Pasty

In this mail you will find all the news about bakers and pastry chefs from Belgium. What happens to chocolatiers, confectioners, ice-cream makers and suppliers will also be discussed. You can also read more about other news concerning nutrition in this letter.


In this newsletter you will find all the latest news about butchers and charcutiers in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. You will also find other news about meat product companies, meat wholesalers and suppliers. General information, hot off the press on food, will also be given an important place here!


In this mail you will find all the news about food companies in Belgium. News about the potatoes and vegetables sector, the bread, pastry, confectionery and chocolate sector as well as the sectors of coffee and tea, beverages, food supplements, meat products, meat substitutes and dairy. You can also read about other facts from the food sector, hot off the press, in this letter!


In this mail you will find all the news about restaurants, catering companies, cafes, frites shops, snack bars and hotels in Belgium. Also about other news, hot off the needle you will learn more in this letter!


The Belgian hotel sector is closely monitored by the Evolution Media Group journalists. You will find all news and facts in this newsletter.

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