Evolution Media Group: a brief history

Since it was formed in 1982 Evolution Media Group has become the biggest publishing business for trade journals within the hotel, restaurant and catering industry. With Horeca Revue (1974), Catering (1974), Frituur & Snack (1984), (all three of them trade journals that had been taken over from other publishers through the years), Café Revue (1989) from the 1th january Café&Bistro and Hotel Business (1992) Evolution Media Group covers all sections of the hotel, restaurant and catering market, which represent a direct turnover of about 9 billion Euro. ‘Horecamail’ is the only electronical newsletter for the Horeca sector. Website www.horecaplatform.be  

Apart from that, in 1987 Evolution Media Group started the publication of the butchers’ magazine Food & Meat Contacts (which was split up in Food & Meat – De Slager and Food Business in 1997). At the end of 2001 Food Business was integrated in Food Industry, which was taken over from Keesing Business Media.   At the end of 1993 it started publishing the bakery and confectioners trade journal Brood & Banket / Pain & Patisserie.   Evolution Media Group is not only active in the sector of food magazines.  

For years they published Karaat as a controlled circulation lifestyle magazine for Southwest Flanders. Since 1994 it has been appearing as a full-colour mailshot magazine in the Kortrijk-Waregem area. In 1996 a second publication was started up , this time for the Roeselare-Tielt area, whereas at the end of 1999 also for the Vlaamse Ardennen and the Deinze-Aalter areas, Karaat editions were started up. In 2002 the Bruges-Knokke-Sluis edition was started up followed in 2004 by the edition Zottegem-Ninove-Geraardsbergen and in december 2005 the edition Oostende-Veurne-Diksmuide, in 2007 the edition Ypres-Poperinge, Menin, and in november 2008 the edition Ghent. Those 9 editions are distributed to about 700.000 families. Website karaat.be. In 2017 Karaat stopped being published!     In 2004, the magazine BioGezond was started up. BioGezond is a consumer magazine about healthcare healthy living & eating with emphasis on biological, biodynamic and ecological products.

 A Professional organization  

Evolution Media Group offers its advertisers, publicity and business-to-business bureaus informative trade journals, each of them being the market leader within its respective target groups. This can be accomplished thanks to the professional level of editorials as well as publicity: the purpose of editorials is not only to fill in the gaps between the various advertisements and neither does publicity only exist to enable people to publish a magazine now and then. Each trade journal is published in two separate editions in different languages. This means a total of 170 publications a year (for trade journals and consumer magazines) if you please! It is self-evident that the publishing firm must adhere to a strict organization and needs to respect a stable pattern of publication. And since we control the entire production process – from writing the articles to posting the magazines – , we are able to deliver top-class quality.

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