Bread & Pastry: sector

How does the “Bread and Pastry” sector look like?

How much bread and pastries do we buy? What about the artisanal baker? How much of this budget is reserved for that baker? See below for a brief overview of the sector!

In recent years, the global bread and pastry market has continued its downward trend in Flanders: in 2016, total expenditure fell by 1.7% to €863 million in Flanders. A look at the different product categories shows that both the home consumption of bread, rolls (sandwiches, pistols, and similar) and pies continued to decline in 2016, as it had last year. An end to this (temporary?) decline ended in 2016 (+1.8%).

Baguette and cake have both experienced a slightly oscillating consumption at home in recent years. 2016 was a less good year for the baguette with a decrease of 6%.

Pastry consumption is increasing

In contrast, baking performed well in 2016 with a 9% increase. In 2016, the Flemish bought an average of 36 loaves, 3 baguettes, 89 rolls, 22 pastries, 8 cupcakes and 3 pies.

The proportion of bakers is decreasing

The baker’s market segment remains under pressure in this declining bread and pastry market: it fell by 46% in 2015 and 43% in 2016.*

*All this is apparent from the figures analysed for Vlam by the market research agency GfK Belgium among 2,711 Flemish families.

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